2009 Painting Archives

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2009 Paintings by Dawn Barnett

Though there are only eight 2009 paintings displayed here, we can see the continued evolution of Dawn Barnett’s work with wood. In these pieces her abstract forms and hieroglyphics show their own emotional range, with some playfully jumbled, as in the exquisite “Flutter” and “La Mer” and the whimsical “Fish Frenzy,” while others are concisely carved and orderly, such as “Open Emotion.”  Her experimentation continues, however, with pieces like “Abuela,” “Distance Lovers” and “Petite.” Her carving is precise, the grain of the wood is incorporated into the concept of the more hieroglyphic-styled pieces, and where the artist has enhanced her compositions with oil paint, the colors are warm and earthy. These pieces are no longer available, but are on display here so you can get a feel for her journey as an artist and a deaf woman, and to document the progression of her artistic style.

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