Deaf HieroglyphicBorders and LanguageAvailable Works : Available Works : 2006 paintings: Importance Daily, 23 1/2" x 72 1/2" Wood panel and Oil Painting by deaf artist Dawn Barnett of Dabar Studio, 2006.Available Works : 2006 paintings: Precious Time, 24 1/2" x 60 1/2" Wood panel and Oil Painting by deaf artist Dawn Barnett of Dabar Studio, 2006.CagedVictorian Lace, 17 x 36 carved wood Painting by Dawn Barnett of Dabar StudioDeaf Artist Dawn Barnett of Dabar Studio

Expressions of a Deaf Artist







I shave and carve deeply, reminding myself of the chaos in the
work-a-day world. By carving I am able to remove the negative, allowing the
positive to come forth. Working through difficulties in communicating exactly
what is meant, a realization appears:
It is not just the Deaf who have this challenge.


Art is revealed as the universal communicator.


– Dawn Barnett, Deaf Artist

Dabar Studio

Expressions of a Deaf Artist

Treat yourself to a completely unique style of art that could even be called a new art form. Deaf artist Dawn Barnett has traveled the world searching for understanding. She has encountered many different cultures, influences which are incorporated into many of her works.

Dawn's love for primitive art, and especially ancient Egyptian art, has influenced her work profoundly. The progression of her artistic style has centered around the development of "deaf hieroglyphics," her own pictorial language based on sign language. Her innovative characters appear in almost every piece of her art, and their appearance of antiquity distinguishes her work from all others.

Dawn's art is the vehicle for a narrative brimming with observations on the chaos of modern life, spirituality, being deaf, her love of Nature, and the mysterious interactions between people that can be painfully tragic...softened with humor and always filled with originality, love, and a vibrant life all their own.

Portfolio of Art by Dawn Barnett

After five years of intermittent health issues that prevented her from producing consistently, Dawn recently returned to Dabar Studio to create new works of art that communicate what she has learned from her recent experiences. The first few pieces of new art we have added to the site reveal the promise of a long career to come, and the ongoing evolution of her style, technique, and depth of understanding is not only inspiring but beautifully suited for interior design and home or office d├ęcor. We will keep this gallery updated as additional art works are completed.

Dawn has been creating for many years, and fully documented pieces go back to 2002. It is delightfully inspiring to see the changes in her style and the techniques she employs to convey depth of meaning and narrative to visual art. Why not take a few minutes to see for yourself how deaf artist Dawn Barnett and her art have grown during over the years of their journey together?!

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Send Your Inquiries

Contact Dawn about her new works or her agent Shelly Staten regarding 2010 and earlier works!

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